The Kids Mode chain was established about 30 years ago by the owner, Mrs. Nechama Hershler, out of identifying a need and an accurate response to our clientele who want to dress the children in high-quality brand clothes characterized by high-quality tailoring and uncompromising fabric quality to which they have become accustomed from trips and wanderings around the world.

The Kids Mod chain gives the exact answer in stores near the house.
The concept that fashion and trends do not belong only to the world of adults and the investment visited by all of us as parents is required in the worlds of fashion as well.

We are attentive to our customers at all times and bring the latest news from abroad to you.
The network is spread out for your convenience in Jerusalem Bnei Brak and Beit Shemesh. And you can also contact our customer service via WhatsApp, email, and phone, who will help you with any questions.

Our unique house brand includes a wide line that launches 4 collections for the four seasons of the year can be found in it
A variety of models for children and girls full of style.
Our house brand is characterized by precise and comfortable cuts and is updated frequently throughout the year.

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